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thép hình

Thép hình is one of the iron and steel materials widely used in the construction industry because of its good bearing capacity and high strength. There are many types of section steel, the most common of which are I-shaped steel, U-shaped steel, V-shaped steel and H...

thép hình u xây dựng, thep hinh u xay dung

Each type of shaped steel will have different structures and applications for each project. The following is a specific structure of type steel:

1 / Fuel ratio

In terms of chemical composition. Steel is an alloy with the main components of iron (Fe), carbon (0.02 – 2.14% by weight) and some other chemical elements. Based on% of element elements, Steel will have different hardness, elasticity, ductility and tensile strength.

Each steel manufacturer has different steel production technology. Specifically, mixing different fuels:

a / Change in carbon content

– As the carbon content increases, the steel will change its properties: reduced ductility, tensile strength and increased brittleness.

– In contrast, low carbon steel, the steel properties: High toughness but low durability.

b / According to the total content of added metal elements

In order to create the appropriate physical and technical steel, the steel will be added with metal elements others like manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), …

Low alloy steel: Has a total content of other metal elements from 2.5% or less Medium alloy steel:

The total content of other metal elements is from 2.5 to 10%

High alloy steel: Has a total content of other metal elements> 10%

Alloy steel is stronger than carbon steel. When changing the elemental composition of the input materials. We will have different steel products.

c / According to steel quality In addition to these two factors carbon and alloy content added on.

The quality of steel also depends on other impurities such as Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P). The lower the impurity rate, the higher the quality of steel.

Normal quality steel: Contains 0.06% S and 0.07% P. L is made from L-D furnace, has high steel yield and low price.

Often used to make construction steel Good quality steel: Contains 0.035% S and 0.035% P. Used in arc furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

Often used to make machines. High quality steel: Contains 0.025% S and 0.025% P. Tempered in an electric arc furnace. Use high quality ingredients

Very high quality steel (exceptionally high): Contains 0.025% P and 0.015% S. Conveyed in electric arc furnaces. Then it is further refined by vacuum casting by electrolytic slag

2 / According to the thickness of section steel

When you buy section steel, the supplier will send you the specification sheet, the size of steel is as follows:

– Width R (in mm),

– Length D (usually 6m, 12m)

– Thickness T (in mm). For example thickness 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, 3.3, 3.5 …

Looking at the thickness you can see that for each different type of steel, there are different thicknesses. There are different types of different manufacturers. So when you choose the shape steel we must pay attention to steel thickness. To use into different categories, ensure the best quality of the project.

3 / According to rolling technology

There are two types of steel rolling technology: hot rolling technology and cold rolling technology. In essence, hot rolling and cold rolling technology are the names for the manufacturing process.

As one of the final stages in steel fabrication. Rolling steel requires huge electrical capacity to serve the process of billet burning, transportation, rolling and packaging products. The basic feature of steel lamination is the relatively harsh working environment.

Steel quality requirements must meet set requirements. Therefore, the role of automation control in steel rolling lines is extremely large. It determines the productivity, quality and safety of human operations with respect to machinery.

Therefore, each steel manufacturer is different. When using different production technologies. Shaped steel produced is also different.


The above price list is for reference only, in real time when you buy goods. Shaped steel price may change slightly up or down. Therefore, to get the most accurate price. Please contact the company’s hotline to get the latest price list updated right at the time you call.

bảng báo giá thép hình u,i,h; bang bao gia thep hinh u,i,h

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