Cow dog training

Cow dog training

For this exercise you must first have a flat, dry yard, free of spikes and other sharp objects. The exercise begins as follows:

– You order “lie” at the same time you are in a position to lie beside the dog. Then, you hold the lead near the collar, the other hand gently placed on the dog’s humps and ordered “crawling”. You have just crawled forward while pulling the bullock zipper forward.

– The dog will usually get up at first. So you need to continue to order “crawling” and gently press on the dog’s shoulder with your hand to prevent the dog from standing up.

– When the dog has begun to crawl and does not stand up to the order. At that time you should praise them, caress and feed. In this movement, the dog will be very tired quickly, so in the early days of training, the dog should be crawled at a distance not exceeding 2m.

– Gradually familiarize your dog with the commands and the crawling position until you do not need to follow them. Increase the distance between cows after each exercise.

– The practice of crawling can be combined with other movements such as lying, sitting, while walking …..

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